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For 30 years, our team of Land Surveyors and Town Planners, have been Brisbane’s go-to experts for projects stretching across across the great South-East Queensland.

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of Land Surveyors, Town Planners, and Development Consultants ready to service anywhere in South-East Queensland

Gateway Survey & Planning was established in 1982 as Milton Lovell & Associates. Fast forward 30 years, and we have developed a reputation for expertise in all aspects of land surveying and town planning, as well as in many niche areas, including small lot subdivisions and infill developments in our urban environment.

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Thousands of projects completed

From land surveying to town planning, in fact, you’ve probably driven past some of them, or had a meeting or coffee in one of them.

Gateway Survey & Planning can take your idea and guide you through the process of realising your project and goals.

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We cover a wide range of surveying

As well as development applications through all stages to final subdivision survey plans for issue of titles or leases. Our town planning department is RiskSMART accredited and has extensive experience in subdivisions and town planning applications, unit development, character houses, demolition and more, all in the great South-East.

Our Team

Expert Land Surveyors, Town Planners, and Development Consultants.

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Greg Hoonhout

B Surv UQ, CS, MIS Aust Consulting Surveyor, RiskSmart Accredited Consultant (BCC)

Greg is the Managing Director of Gateway Survey & Planning Pty Ltd. He has over 40 years experience in the surveying profession and has been responsible for the project management of many subdivision projects of various sizes from infill developments to green field sites. He has also gained extensive experience in engineering and mapping projects throughout the state.

Ellen McDonogh

BTRP (Town and Regional Planning), University of Pretoria

Ellen has gained vast experience in Johannesburg, in project management, town planning procedures and layout design, as well as had extensive exposure to other fields of expertise such as environmental, geotechnical, civil and traffic engineering. She is skilled in layout design having had much experience in large residential/commercial subdivisions and structure plans varying in size from a couple of hundred lots to several thousand lots.

Brett Cronin

BDes(Arch), Queensland University of Technology

Brett joined the town planning team at Gateway in 2019. gained town planning experience in the development assessment team at Brisbane City Council, where he developed considerable knowledge of the local planning scheme and Queensland planning legislation.

Mark Hoonhout

BSSC, University of Southern Qld

Mark has been part of the Gateway Team since early 2000’s and has gained a vast amount of surveying experience over last 15+ years ranging from standard format plans, building format plans to volumetric subdivisions, easements, set outs, identification surveys etc.

Steve McTegg

BSSC, University of Southern Qld
Bcomm, Griffith University

Steve has been part of the Gateway Team for over 15 years and has gained experience in most types of site surveys from contour surveys to cadastral surveys such as standard format and building format plans etc.

Evan Morley

BSSC, University of Southern Qld

Evan is the newest member at Gateway Survey and Planning, however already has about 3 years experience in most types of site surveys ranging from contour surveys to house set outs to as-constructed/civil surveys.

Troy Bronsch

Troy has been with Gateway Survey and Planning since 2000 as such has almost 20 years of experience in various site surveys such contour and detail surveys, as-constructed/civil pick ups, house set outs etc.

Braydon Smith

Braydon has been with Gateway Survey and Planning over 3 years and has gained experience in various site survey ranging from contour and detail surveys, as-constructed surface levels and civil services, house set outs etc.

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