Single unit dwelling and reconfiguration



We were appointed to apply for a single unit dwelling (2 units) and reconfiguration (1 lot into 2) in Annerley.



The subject property has an area of 405 m² which does not comply with the minimum lot size of 600m² for single unit dwelling in the low-medium residential density area.  Due to the site measuring less than 600 m², it is considered that the application requires impact assessment (generally inappropriate) as designated in Chapter 3 Part 5.2.3 (Level of Assessment) in Brisbane City Plan 2000. 


The site is a corner lot and has street frontage on 3 sides and as a result would have minimal impact on adjacent properties.  A request for written information was sought from Brisbane City Council (BCC).  In their response, BCC indicated that if the development application could sufficiently demonstrate compliance with the acceptable solutions then the single unit dwelling will be considered even though the minimum lot size cannot be achieved.


This application was a challenge due to the non compliance with the minimum site area, however approval was obtained.


If your property does not comply 100% with the minimum criteria for a single unit dwelling, however you think your development may have merit please contact us for an opinion.


Below please see a plan of the development discussed above:




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