Extension to a Community Facility


We were appointed to apply for an extension to an existing Community Facility in Manly.


The subject property is managed by Brisbane City Council (Community Facilities, Sport and Recreation, Community Services) and has always been part of the council’s public assets network providing services for local community groups for many years.


The property measures 1,921m² of which our client occupies the entire property.  Our client currently utilises the community facility to store scenery, sets, costumes, sound and lighting equipment as well as space for administration meetings and choir rehearsals.  The site is mostly used for storage purposes with irregular visits for the rehearsals and meetings throughout the season.  The space used for these activities is very small in comparison to the storage space.


The new shed extension was proposed to fulfil a desperate need for more storage space.  The problem of storage was a major concern for the company and we therefore sought Council support for more storage (new shed).


One challenge we encountered was that the site is heavily constrained in terms of space.  The site is constrained by a very steep slope located within the property boundary.  The embankment consumes much of the site area and is too high and steep to excavate for the creation of further carparking for the community facility.  As the site receives irregular visits and has access to sufficient on street parking, the Council agreed to relax the parking requirements in this instance.


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