What is SealSMART?  


Get the fast track stamp of approval!  


SealSMART is aimed at expediting Plan Sealing by enabling self-certification by accredited consultants.  The accredited Consultant liaises with the Council Engineers to determine whether the development satisfies the conditions of approval. If required, the accredited Consultant will engage relevant professionals to certify compliance with Conditions of Approval.


Provided the development meets all the requirements, Council will seal the Survey Plans within 5 business days of payment of Plan Sealing fees which will allow you to create titles quicker!


Applicants will also be entitled to a 30% discount of the Council Compliance Fees.  


Plan Sealing applications generally comprising of 10 lots / units or less are eligable for SealSMART, subject to the following cut-offs and/or exclusions:


  • sites with trunk infrastructure work,
  • sites with building format plans for buildings built prior to 1973,
  • sites with "Concurrency Agent" conditions,
  • sites incorporating dedication of land where rehabilitation work is required in the parkland,
  • sites that require servicing via an adjacent site,
  • sites that exceed BCC standard minor water and sewerage conditions,
      • sites requiring more than 100m of kerb and channel to be constructed,
      • sites requiring the construction of a road of more than 100m and 2m wide,
      • sites requiring drainage of more than 450mm diameter and 1 manhole.    


  Please contact us  to find out more about Plan Sealing and the eligibility of your development for SealSMART.



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We are an accredited consultant for

       RiskSMART Development Assessment

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