What is an Identification Survey?


An Identification Survey is more commonly referred to as an Ident.


The most common survey relating to the purchase and financing of properties is an Identification Survey.  . It may only be undertaken by a Registered Surveyor.


We recommended that you have an Ident survey done when you are purchasing a property. An Ident Survey will ensure that you are buying the property that you have been shown and whether the property has any defects which may devalue it.


A Surveyor will check for the existence of Easements (for drainage, etc.), Covenants and Restrictions on land use, and compliance with the terms of these conditions. A surveyor will also note any encroachments by or upon the land or upon any Easements.


“Buyer beware” applies to all land transactions. An Ident can give you a peace of mind about your investment.  Our licensed and registered surveyors will provide you with confidence in the accuracy of your property boundaries, structures and infrastructure.


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