What is a multi-unit dwelling?



Council’s encourage multi-unit dwellings in higher density areas to meet present and future housing needs.



Multi-unit dwellings generally include the following:


  • Apartments and units,
  • Retirement villages,
  • Nursing homes,
  • Boarding houses,
  • Hostels and other institutional accommodation,
  • Residential development for people with special needs,
  • Aged care accommodation.


Multi-unit dwellings are also know as multiple dwellings by other planning schemes.  The preferred areas and criteria for such development vary between the Council’s. 


The criteria for a multi-unit development in Brisbane are as follows:


  • The preferred zones are the low-medium density residential (LMR), medium density (MR) and high density (HR) areas.  The site area in LMR is to be a minimum of 600m² with a minimum frontage of 17m.  In MR and HR the site area is to be a minimum of 800m² with a minimum frontage of 20m.  These minimum areas may be negotiable as we have been able to achieve a solution on lots down to 400m².
  • They may be appropriate for low density residential areas.  The site area is to be a minimum of 3,000m² with a minimum frontage of 40m.
  • They may be considered in a character area (CR) at a maximum density of 1 unit per 300m².  The site area is to be a minimum of 800m² with a minimum frontage of 20m.


In the Brisbane and Logan City Councils, proposed multi-unit dwelling developments with 10 units or less may be suitable for assessment using the RiskSMART process.  We are accredited Risksmart consultants with both Councils.


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We are an accredited consultant for

       RiskSMART Development Assessment

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