How much does subdivision cost?


Although the costs of a subdivision of land is site specific and can vary greatly we have listed some costs as a starting point.


The following issues will affect the cost of your subdivision:

  • The level of assessment,
  • Referral to IDAS Agencies,
  • Public Notification,
  • Necessity of specialist reports,
  • Location of services.


Indicative costs for a minor subdivision are as follows:


Application Costs (Sub Total ±$6,000.00)

  • Site plan, locate house, contours etc ,
  • Preparation of subdivision application,
  • Public Notification (if applicable),
  • Council subdivision application fee (calculated per lot),    
  • Specialist Report(s).     


Construction Costs (Sub Total ±$19,000.00)

  • Sewerage & water design and construction,
  • Telstra,
  • Electrical Engineer (assume overhead power & 3 phase connection exists),
  • Construct Driveway (if creating rear lot),    
  • Remove redundant crossover(s) (if applicable),    
  • Filling / Excavation (if applicable),
  • Stormwater reticulation (if applicable),
  • Demolition of existing buildings (if applicable),
  • Subdivision survey and plan preparation,
  • Post approval correspondence and application for Plan Sealing
  • Legal, title fees and solicitor.      


Council Plan Sealing Charges (Sub Total ±$30,000.00)

  • Plan sealing & Compliance fees
  • Infrastructure Contributions per additional lot


Please note that a minor subdivision can cost between $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 to complete.  We would like to highlight that the above costs are merely an estimate and should only be taken as general advice and not used for for making financial decisions.  Please contact us for a free fee quote for your property.


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