What is Risksmart?



Risksmart has been implemented by some Councils to fast track development applications.



Risksmart is a quick and simple way to fast track low risk developments.  Low risk developments comply with the relevant codes and have minimal impact on the neighbourhood and environment.


Some Council’s offer a discount on their application fees for Risksmart applications.


The development applications are to be prepared, certified and lodged by an accredited Risksmart consultant.  The applications can usually be decided within 5 business days from the start of the decision making period.


The Brisbane City Council accepts the following applications to be lodged via their fast track system:


  • Industry in and industry area,
  • Multi-unit dwellings (10 or less units),
  • New houses and extensions in a Demolition Control Precinct,
  • Single unit dwellings (10 or less units),
  • Small extensions in a shopping centre,
  • Subdivision of land (up to 10 lots),
  • Prescribed tidal works.


Similarly Logan City Council accepts the following applications:


  • House applications,
  • Sheds / garages / open carports (Class 10 structures ancillary to an existing house),
  • Residential subdivisions (up to 10 lots),
  • Realignment of boundaries,
  • Multi-unit dwellings (10 or less units),
  • Dual occupancy / attached dwellings,
  • New houses and extensions in a Demolition Control Precinct,
  • Small retail developments,
  • Various operational works (coming soon).


Gateway Survey & Planning are accredited Risksmart consultants with both Logan and Brisbane City Councils.  It should be noted that other Councils in Queensland also have their own fast track systems.


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We are an accredited consultant for

       RiskSMART Development Assessment

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